Pressure washers are awesome! There’s something almost magical about obliterating the dirt on your vehicle or witnessing the vibrant colour return to your paving and brickwork at the hands of a powerful water blaster. Gone are the days of the rigid hosepipe, when your thumb was required over the nozzle for extra water pressure. Lost is the age of the sponge and the scummy bucket of dishwater!

We Offer Reviews, Guides & Advice On The Best Pressure Washers For Home use In 2017

In 2017, pressure washers are more accessible and affordable than ever with a pantheon of compact models available. We review some of the best pressure washers for home use currently on the market, offering guides and advice to give you all the information you need to make the right choice as well as get the best price on pressure washers.

Choosing The Right Pressure Washer

Finding the best pressure washer for you depends entirely on how you intend to use it. For regular light use such as washing windows, keeping your patio or driveway free of loose dirt and debris, or ridding your car of the dust and dirt collected while your out and about locally, there are some great light duty machines available at the lower end of the power spectrum that will take care of this for you.

Cleaning thick mud from your 4×4, unblocking your guttering or lifting out resilient dirt on your patio, then a mid-range model would be better suited. You might also consider a mid-range model for removing moss from stone or brick work, mould spots or paint splashes on your walls.

At the high end of the spectrum, there are some awesome super powerful models for heavy duty uses such as priming wood or metal work in preparation for repainting, lifting out years of dirt build-up from driveways, or clearing thick or resilient muck from your vehicles. The best heavy duty machines allow you to lower the pressure settings to cover light and medium duty tasks but you will inevitably pay a lot more for a model in this range. The higher the spec on the model, the more of an ‘all-rounder’ the machine will be.

To help you find the best pressure washer for the money you spend, it will be beneficial to take note of the different specifications on each model and the accessories available. Some of the things to consider will be…

  • Bar Pressure
  • Water Flow Rate
  • Motor Type
  • Accessories

See our Pressure Washer Buyers Guide for more details on selecting the right pressure washer.

The Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric pressure washers are far better suited to home use than petrol models which tend to be more for commercial purposes. We focus primarily on home use machines and so review the best electric pressure washers available today. They plug straight into the mains and fire away without any messing about- ideal for cleaning your cars, washing your windows, taking care of your patios, driveways, decking, guttering, garden furniture, tools, and anything else around your home that needs cleaning. They’re generally light in weight and compact so they store away neatly in your garage or a small space out of the way, equipped with on-board storage so your hose, cable, nozzles and lances are all conveniently kept in one place.

Which Pressure Washer?

While there are scores of brands out there putting out pressure washers, some of the more popular ones today come from BoschKärcher, Nilfisk and Vax. These brand names are currently at the forefront of pioneering technology, taking into consideration ease of use as well as economical benefits. A good eco-friendly machine will be compatible with water harvesting kits, include auto start/stop features which stop the motor and pump when not in use so as to save on water and energy, and will be made from recyclable materials. These particular brands include these kinds of features and a whole lot more, which is why you would do well to consider a pressure washer from these manufacturers.